More Tips: How to Grow on TikTok

I’ve noticed a few commonalities between the most popular accounts and videos. These are the tips I found helpful for growing so far:
  1. Keep putting out content. Don’t worry what anyone thinks or if it won’t do well. You never know what will catch on and take off!
  2. Make it an interesting video: Did you go on a cool vacation? A unique hotel? Jump off a cliff? Teach your dog a new trick? Dress up for a gala? All gold. The videos have to be high quality, though, and have something interesting happen in them. People love challenge videos too. There’s a lot of lip syncing to songs as well.
  3. Pick the right song: Each video comes with the option to add a song. Do not skip this step! This is a huge part of the app. There are certain top songs that do really well right now, and people can even search videos by song like you could search geotags on insta. Bonus points if the song title is a pun with what happens in the video (for example, my viral video was about tossing a wooden room service ball down a shoot and the song was called Way Down We Go). I note popular songs used on the app and created a list of those songs on my notepad to look at when I’m posting my next video.
  4. Use Broad Hashtags: Insta is so saturated that you need to use super specific long-tail hashtags, but on TikTok you can use ones like #beach #travel #dogs etc.
  5. Get them to watch until the end: The TikTok algorithm measures the post success by engagement, which includes watching a post all the way through, likes, shares, and especially comments. I’ve seen people write “I can’t believe that happened” or “wait for it” to get people to watch until the end of a video.
  6. Comments: Comments seem to be weighed pretty heavily on here. So answer every comment and keep the convo going.
  7. Engage with others: just like insta, engage with top accounts so people can find your account there.
  8. Duets: You can create a duet video with popular videos to comment on what they posted. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert here because I haven’t done one of these yet, but I know it’s popular!

Hope you found this post helpful and let me know what works for you!

Have you tried TikTok? Do you think it’s the next big thing?

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